Keep your home warm

Why our windows can save you money.

When you invest in double glazing from Birmingham Glass, you can be confident that you’re getting the very highest quality materials, designed to truly revitalise your home.

What is also reassuring to know is that our windows are also designed to help you lower your heating costs.

Our double glazing significantly improves the insulation of your home and thus helps to reduce heat loss. Our windows meet Window Energy Ratings standards introduced in October 2010 and in fact we now supply and install 'A' rated windows as standard.

PVC windows, the best insulator.

Deceuninck offers a wide range of energy-efficient uPVC windows to add style and value to your home.

A low maintenance, colour-fast, long-lasting PVC window frame gives your home or building an elegant look that will last for years. No more painting or staining, simply wipe clean and your window uPVC product will look as good as new. Plus, PVC is the best insulating material for windows. No wonder that Deceuninck uPVC windows have earned their reputation as part of many low-energy housing designs.


And remember that around 40% of heat loss in the home occurs through standard, single pane windows. Double-glazed windows and doors substantially stop heat loss.

The cost of the double-glazing will pay for itself very quickly in the money saved from heating bills.

Top insulating windows reduce your energy bill.

Both thermal and acoustic insulation are key to comfortable living. The Deceuninck PVC windows will improve your quality of life by offering you a top insulation and a good ventilation of your house. This will turn your house into a real home.

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